(b. 1994, BE) 

Julien Delagrange is a contemporary artist, art historian and the artistic director of CAI and CAI Gallery.


Selected exhibitions





Julien Delagrange, born in 1994 in Kortrijk, Belgium, is a contemporary artist residing and working in Harelbeke, Belgium. Delagrange is trained as an art historian, having graduated (magna cum laude) his MA Science of Arts at Ghent University, Belgium. As a result, his artistic practice and art criticism are strongly intertwined, examining contemporary art by painting, drawing and writing. 


His oeuvre is marked by a representational visual language drawing with charcoal on paper and painting with oils on linen. Recurring concepts throughout his works are existentialism, anthropology, (neo-)surrealism, melancholy, appropriation, Post-conceptualism, (post-)postmodernism and a continuous search for the iconic in (found) imagery. 


Delagrange has worked for the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium; Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium; the Jan Vercruysse Foundation in Brussels, Belgium and is the artistic director and editor in chief of CAI.


Selected exhibitions:

2021, Martyrs (group exhibition), Galerie Alfons Blomme, Roeselare, BE 

2021,The Passion (solo exhibition), CAI Gallery, Kortrijk, BE 

2020, Johnny Werkbrouck and Julien Delagrange (group exhibition), JW Atelier, Torhout, BE

2019, (group exhibition) BIGA Hoeve, Kortemark, BE

2018, Selected Works (solo exhibition), Koetshuis, Waregem, BE

2018, A.O.S. III (group exhibition), De Linde, Ingooigem, BE

2017, M0(ve)ment (group exhibition), Contrair (curated by Arthur Buerms), Antwerpen, BE

2017, Suspects III (solo exhibition, Oude Kerk, Vichte, BE

2017, Suspects II (solo exhibition), Koetshuis, Waregem, BE

2017, Suspects I (solo exhibition), Huis De Leeuw, BE

2016, Texture (solo exhibition), Koetshuis, Waregem, BE

2016, A.O.S. II (group exhibition), OC De Leege Platse, Beselare, BE

2015, A.O.S. I (group exhibition), CC De Brouckere, Torhout, BE


Selected as a jury member for the Contemporary Award 2021.


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Julien Delagrange, Het gastmaal van Acheloüs. Ghent: Ghent University, 2018.

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Eddy Lefevre, "Julien Delagrange in Huis De Leeuw. S.l.: Het Nieuwsblad, 2017.


Delagrange features in national and international private collections in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom and Australia.