(b. 1982, DE) 


Selected exhibitions




Fabian Hübner, born in 1982 in Freiburg, Germany, is a contemporary painter residing and working Stuttgart, Germany. Hübner creates an interplay of meaning within his characteristic microcosmos paintings of figures, motives, symbols and environments. 

Doing so, the German painter creates his own reality. Very often, this statement can be interpreted literally, as cardboard clouds on strings float in the air or wooden figures populate an imaginary landscape. 

As a result, the artist creates an alphabet of symbols he can arrange and rearrange into new compositions and therefore new analogies. The semiotics of the painting are designated by Hübner's set of motives as the structural element of meaning, questioning and representing the eternal uncertainty, relativity or even impossibility of what one perceives as 'reality' or 'the truth'. 

In 2011 Fabian Hübner received a recognition at the Camillo-Michele-Gloria-Preis before being selected as a finalist at the 44th Art Prize 2021 by Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Karlsruhe. 


Selected exhibitions:


2021, Elusive Reality (group exhibition), CAI Gallery, Kortrijk, BE

2021, An/Abwesend (group exhibition), Labyrinth, Stuttgart, DE

2020, Secret Walls Gallery (group exhibition), in cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Bonatzbau, Stuttgart, DE

2020, Apocalypse Ciao (group exhibition), Galerie Schacher, Stuttgart, DE

2019, Kunstsomer (group exhibition), Galerie, Staufen, DE

2019, Galerie Gabriela Domeisen (group exhibition), Zürich, CH

2018, Kulturinsel (group exhibition), Stuttgart, DE

2017, Die Einfachheit der Dinge (group exhibition), Galerie Maurtiushof, Bad Zurzach, CH

2016, Who will stop the rain? (group exhibition), Galerie Gabriela Domeisen, Zürich, CH

2015, Varietas (group exhibition), Galerie Mauritiushof, Bad Zurzach, CH

2015, Be a whistleblower for peace (group exhibition), YAAM-Galerie, Berlin, DE

2014, Alle Jahre weder (group exhibition), Galerie Hugo 45, Braunschweig, DE

2014, Zustimmung in Gebirge (group exhibition), Stadthausgalerie, Sonthofen, DE

2014, Diplomausstellung AbK Stuttgart (group exhibition), Gustav-Siegle-Haus, Stuttgart, DE

2014, In Your Face III (group exhibition), Halle F16zehn, Augsburg, DE

2013, Kunstinvasion (group exhibition), E-Werk, Freiburg, DE

2013, Kollektives Kunstgedächtnis Bad Cannstatt (group exhibition), Stuttgart, DE

2013, Stroke Artfair (group exhibition), Praterinsel, München, DE

2013, In Your Face II (group exhibition), Halle F16zehn, Augsburg, DE

2012, Steffen Kugel (group exhibition), Palermo Galerie, Stuttgart, DE

2012, Dillmann Stiftung (group exhibition), Stuttgart, DE

2012, The Con/Temporary Art House (group exhibition), Galerierundgang Mitte, Stuttgart, DE

2011, Dillmann Stiftung (group exhibition), Stuttgart, DE

2011, Camillo-Michele-Gloria-Preis, Stuttgart, DE

2010, Dazwischen (group exhibition), Wasserschloss, Bad Rappenau, DE

2007, Cyworld White Gallery (group exhibition), Köln, DE

2006, 360 degrees Around Art (group exhibition), Freiburg, DE


2021, 44th Art Prize 2021 (finalist), Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, DE

2011, Camilo-Michele-Gloria-Preis (recognition), Stuttgart, DE


Fabian Hübner features in national and international private collections.